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As a lighting company, Bright Lighting takes light environmental influence into account. We apply our lights products and lighting plans with consideration about commercial space light and housing light environment.

Environmental Policy

Following ISO14000 environmental management system ensuring the control of water, gas and noise to meet the standard.

Based on the ISO14001,improving the environmental management system; launching the environmental protection activities.

Pursue the control system through the whole company; Promote pollution prevention;Continue in improving and lowing the energy consuming.

Implement the environmental education; Popularize the concept of environmental protection and ever-lasting management.

Comply with the environmental regulations and following the environmental standard set by company environmental regulation.

Environmental goals

Working hard to prevent environmental pollution caused by industrial activities to promote energy-saving, resource conservation, resource recycling and waste reduction

Meeting water, gas and noise disposal standard to reduce and manage the waste properly.

Reduce the use of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium etc. Properly manage the dangerous chemical products and wastes.

Conserve energy during the producing process. Save water, electric power.

Promote green design and green production.

Product Liability

1.Easy to use

Bright Lighting products are applied in stores, residential and commercial application.

Standing on the customer’s perspective to meet customer’s requirements; Strictly quality control on design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service;

Good quality provides confidence and meet with the needs of customers; while producing departments focus on strictly quality control and providing our customers with high quality products.


Access to the international safety certification

Green purchasing

We promote green purchasing and we take the environmental quality, price, convenience into account for every single project no matter traditional fluorescent lamp or LED products. We thrive to design sustainable products to reduce the impact on the environment.